What a Shot!

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Bill Murphy.PNG

Written By:  Bill Murphy

No, it is not Watford’s shot, it is not Smart's shot. It was 90 years ago today, Indiana had just come off their second Big Ten Championship the previous season (1927-28). The Hoosiers entered the game as part of their northern Big Ten road trip against Minnesota and Wisconsin with a 3-3 record.

On Saturday, January 12,1929, Indiana fought a thriller of an overtime game. However, the last plays of the game are what we will concentrate on. 

With the game tied in overtime at 35 apiece, Indiana senior guard and captain Robert Correll shot the ball. The ball hit the rim, bounced high, and landed on the upper right hand corner of the backboard, where it stayed. Then balanced delicately on the narrow edge. It then began to roll. With seconds to play, every eye followed the ball as it traveled thirty inches along the thin board and fell forward into the net for an Indiana lead, with zeroes on the scoreboard Minnesota shot two free throws to attempt to tie the game. But only one of the two shots went in and Indiana won 37-36. Correll had only 5 points but his last two were the biggest. Indiana was led by their All-American Jim Strickland's 20 and future All American  Branch McCracken added 3. So when talking about last second shots, add Robert Correll's to your list.