Ben Malcomson (Owner and editor)


I was born November 12th, 1983 in Tell City, Indiana.  Grew up in Cannelton, Indiana where I graduated high school at Cannelton Jr.-Sr. High School.  I attended college for a year at IVY Tech and two years at USI before venturing into the wonderful world of factory life. Not exactly the dream job, but it's a very respectable one where I had opportunities to succeed in my own right.  14 years and counting with employment at Masterbrand Cabinets, Inc.  Over the years, my hard work led me to a great position in Quality.  I currently still hold that position in the assembly portion of our facility,

My years have taken me on my own share of adventures.  My hobbies of watching and attending sporting events only grew my love and made me yearn for something more.  I joined fan groups throughout Facebook doing what I could to educate and inform my fellow Hoosier fans. That position led me to pursue my own fan group covering Indiana Hoosier athletics.  That group is entitled "Indiana All For You".  What started out small, has grown into over 4,000+ members with administration staff support that could fill out it's own basketball team.  That support and dedication gave me the confidence to pursue other opportunities.  One being the chance to write and cover Indiana Hoosier athletics for Blue HQ Media.

Eventually, the door opened up for me with a chance to work for Indiana Sports Coverage with Drew Davis and Dylan Carden.  We got even stronger with the addition of Chris Corley and Amanda Pavelka.  We had a terrific team that drove support and exposure to Indiana athletics.  This also led to the birth of Hoosier Heartland, the podcast show that I currently host.

Chris (Corley) and I decided to start this site and see where this adventure takes us.  We plan to continue our individual style of delivering our thoughts while also working on our own spin on content covering the sports programs we love so much.  I hope you stick around to watch us evolve.  Let's grow together.  Go Hoosiers!


Chris Corley (Owner and Editor)

     Hi everyone, and welcome to Hoosiers-United.  Chris here.  I was born on October 15th, 1968 in Tell City, Indiana.  Like Ben, I grew up in Cannelton, Indiana and also attended Cannelton Jr.-Sr. High School, having graduated in 1986.  I not only grew up in Cannelton, but have lived my entire life here.  It's also happens to be where my love for sports grew.  From my parents, to all the great coaches I had from pee-wee league baseball, all the way through high school.  My passion for sports is a direct result of an early nurturing of all that sports has to offer from them, and a lot of other people.
     Upon graduating high school I too ventured into the manufacturing/factory field of employment.  I spent the better part of my adult life also at Masterbrand Cabinets, Inc., 25 years to be exact, but chose to leave there when the opportunity to be the Street Commissioner in my home town of Cannelton was presented to me.  It was hard to leave a lot people that I had become more than friends with, and to be honest, it was also a little scary.  But the chance to make any little difference for the better that I could in my hometown was a risk I was willing to take.
     I have travelled upwards of six hours to watch both signed, and unsigned, recruits play.  My furthest "recruiting" trip being to Jeffersonville, Missouri to watch OG Anunoby and Juwan Morgan face off in a regular season high school game.  I've never missed a Hoosier Hysteria, dating all the way back to the Bob Knight days of it being held at midnight, and me being one of a couple hundred fans there, to the production for the team, fans and the recruits that we know today.  I've witnessed more games in Assembly Hall than I can count, including some historic ones, and I've also traveled as far as Puerto Rico, and New York City to watch our Hoosiers play.
     None of this makes me anymore knowledgable than anyone else, but what it does do is this, it makes me a fan just like the millions of other Hoosier fans around the world.  And this website is all about just what the title says, uniting Hoosiers.  Ben and I are fans, and we wanted to make a place that allowed us to write/talk about the Hoosiers, but to also bring information and opinions from the Hoosier news and fan sites.
     I am not a professional writer, although I do contribute to website on occasion, and also wrote a few articles for Indiana Sports Coverage in the past.  Even if you don't agree with any, or all for that matter, of what I write, I do hope it makes you at least think.  Although we may not agree 100% on some things, I do think we can all agree on the fact that we are all fans of Indiana University and its athletic programs, and thats what we hope to make this site all about. 
     Ben and I have no idea where this is headed, as it's another new experience for both of us.  But we do hope you enjoy it, and we hope you invite others along the way to enjoy it also.