Seed Listing

Written By: Ben Malcomson 12/11/2018

Seed list?  What exactly is a seed list?  Well it is the teams selected for the men’s NCAA basketball tournament placed in order from 1-68.  This is done to begin the process of making the NCAA tournament bracket.

Bracketologists use seed lists to assign seeds to each team.  These seeds are from 1-16. When it is time to make the bracket, a 1 seed will play a 16 seed, an 8 seed will play a 9 seed.  The rules for bracketing which teams on each seed line play each other can be somewhat confusing.

Delphi Bracketology usually compiles a seed list every two weeks.  We meet every week to discuss how we will place teams. The following criteria is used by our committee.

Quad 1 wins-

Quad 2 wins

Quad 3 & 4 losses

Road wins

Strength of Schedule

Quality of wins

We use information directly from the NCAA.  They distribute a Nitty Gritty report with all of the information needed each day.  This information can be found at

So, here is our bi-weekly attempt at a seed list.  This list is only for games played and not an analysis of what may happen in the future.  It is all bound to change. Nine BIG 10 teams are in our field at this time. Maryland and Northwestern is in our first 4 out.  There are always tough decisions to be made. Kansas St. being out was interesting as well.

Hope you enjoy the list.  Please contact us on Twitter @delphibrackets with any questions.  Check out for additional information.