Midway through the basketball season is a great time to analyze how teams are faring.  At Delphi Bracketology, this means determining the seeds for the 68 teams likely to be in the NCAA tournament.  We meet every Tuesday morning to develop the latest rankings.

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Here is our 1/8/19 update.


A few items to remember.  Delphi Bracketology operates on a results basis only.  We compare teams based on game results to date. We do not attempt to make any predictions in our seeding or rankings.  Each week we start from scratch. We import data from to a database each Monday. We then seed or rank the teams 1-68 according to the current data.

Indiana is currently a 4 seed in our list.  They come in as the 13th ranked team overall at this moment.  Below is the “team sheet” - from The team sheet shows all of the data for Indiana.

pic 1.png

Indiana - the good:  

Overall record  12-3

Quad 1 record  2-3: Good wins and also quality losses-  this is the left side of the team sheet

Wins against NET teams 21 and 27 is a plus

Losses against NET 2 and 3 teams does not hurt at all

Quad 2 record:  3-0: Decent wins

Quad 3,4 record:  No losses plus only 7 games in the right two columns

You can actually tell a decent resume by looking at the above information visually. More info to the left than the right.  Keep all losses to the left.

With the strength of the BIG 10 most of the remaining games, win or lose will enter the first two columns and only add to Indiana’s resume.  Obviously more wins would be better in these two columns.

Indiana-  the bad

Non-conference SOS:  132- This is not horrible and is mostly due to Arkansas and Butler struggling.  Indiana fans will want to root for those two teams to turn things around as well as rooting for Marquette and Louisville to keep doing well.

Road record:  2-3- This is not real bad either, just might be a factor in a comparison between two similar teams.  Road wins are really important. Indiana has good opportunities in the BIG 10 starting with Maryland this Friday.

Indiana- What to watch for:

Indiana is currently 20th in NET.  This is a solid number that will put the Hoosiers in consideration for seeds 3-7 come March.  Teams from previous years that have been ranked in the top 25 are looked upon favorably. We believe that Indiana’s defensive efficiency drives this ranking.  As long as the Hoosier continue to play solid defense they should maintain a solid NET ranking.

Road wins:  Indiana fans want wins period, but really appreciate wins on the road.

No Bad losses:  Do not lose to teams that would be in quads 3 or 4… Illinois, Rutgers.

Indiana is in solid shape right now to make the tournament.  Avoid long losing streaks like Oklahoma and we will see the Hoosiers playing in March.

We would love to answer any questions.  Check out for updated lists and columns.  Listen to Sports Talk with Tonsoni podcast as we update the state of all colleges in Indiana in one podcast and discuss brackets in another.  We can be found on twitter @delphibrackets . We appreciate your support.