Hoosier Hysteria Preview Breakdown: Event Details, Recruits in Attendance, and More


Written By: Ben Malcomson 9/26/2018

We are now just days away from September 29th. A day all Indiana Hoosier fans have been waiting for.  The first chance to get a first-hand glimpse of what these 2018-19 IU squads are capable of.  But, that is just looking at things on the surface.  When you peel back the layers, you see the importance of the event and it’s many forms of entertainment.

Let us take a dive into the key details:

-          Start Time – Hoosier Hysteria will take place Saturday, September 29th, 2018 at 4 pm EDT/3 pm CDT and planned to last until 6 pm EDT/5 PM CDT.  The doors for Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall will open at 2 PM EDT.  That is correct, 2 pm EDT.  This is an important piece of information for all Hoosier fans to keep in mind.  No longer will you have to stand out in line for a few extra hours.

-          Indiana Football on the Big Screen – For those IU fans planning to be there when the doors open at 2 pm EDT will be treated to being able to watch the second half of the IU-Rutgers football game on the big screen.

-          ADMISSION IS FREE – This is a common question that I get. You do not have to pay a dime to get in.  They would like for fans to bring a canned good to benefit the Hoosier Hills Food Bank.

-          Parking Situation – You are not allowed access to park in Assembly Hall/Memorial Stadium Parking until 12:30 pm EDT/11:30 am CDT due to the Annual Hoosiers Outrun Cancer Event that brings over 5,000 people to it. If you do want to get there beforehand to be quicker in line, you can park at the North Fee Lane Parking Garage. Follow the link here for more details:  https://parking.indiana.edu/maps-locations/index.html

-          Who Likes Posters!?– All fans that attend the event will receive free IU men’s and women’s basketball schedule posters.

-          Celebrating the 2017-18 Women’s Teams’ Accomplishment – This Hoosier Hysteria event brings a special allure to it as IU fans get the opportunity to witness the hanging and celebration of the women’s NIT championship. Having been one of those fortunate to cover the women’s program, it is a special moment to be able to witness them reap their rewards.

-          Player Introductions – Both the men’s and women’s programs will be introduced to the thousands in attendance.  This is where I expect the roof to blow off the building with Juwan Morgan and Romeo Langford expected to get the loudest cheers by far.

-          Archie Miller and Teri Moren to Speak to the Fans – Archie and Teri will both speak to the many IU fans projected to be in attendance.  This has been a norm for the event, but a very important part as it follows player and staff introductions.  It allows each respective coach to talk a little about their programs and why Hoosier fans need to show support and be proud of what they will witness this season.

-          Shooting Contest – Shooting competition that pits various mash-up teams of men’s and women’s players against one another.

-          Dunk Contest – This is an event that has the potential to be a spark for the event or a buzz kill. We all enjoy high flying dunks, but if you cannot put it in the hoop by at least the 3rd attempt, then it’s game over.  Personally, I will be looking for seeing what Justin Smith can do.  It is a chance to show off some of that impressive leaping ability.

-          Scrimmage – To me, this presents the most important part of the event for the fans. It is your first taste of LIVE game action that pits Hoosiers vs. Hoosiers.  I would like to see more IU fans hang around to catch this part of the show. It is well worth it.

-          Autographs – After the event, the men’s and women’s players will gather in the concourse area to sign autographs.  Only one item per person will be signed by each player.

-          How Can Those NOT Attending See the Event – BTN Plus/BTN2GO subscribers will be able to stream the event.  Which means you have to purchase the package for it which is $9.95/month.  Follow the link below for details on subscribing:  https://www.btn2go.com/packages?type=0


Recruiting Push

Let us not lose sight of the biggest and most vital part of the event and that is the recruits who attend.  In my opinion, this is a chance for fans to show these young men adoration via cheering until they can feel the ground shake beneath them. Projected IU recruits who plan to attend:

-          Trayce Jackson-Davis (2019)

-          Keion Brooks Jr. (2019)

-          Khristian Lander (2021)

-          Caleb Furst (2021)

NOTE: There is a possibility of more recruits in attendance. Only noting who I am currently aware of. 

Count Me In - I will be attending the event this year along with family. If you see me around, do not hesitate to stop me and say hi.

In Closing - What more of a reason do you need to attend? It is not going to cost you much outside of food and travel. One thing is for sure. It is shaping up to be a memorable one.