Josh Wilson: Happy Holidays, Hoosiers!

It’s December 21st, and it’s that time of the year where we think about all the things we want to buy for family and friends, and we are hoping we receive some of the things we asked for on that wonderful Christmas list of ours.  Here at Hoosiers United, we are thankful for you, all of our readers, listeners of our podcasts. You guys make what we do awesome! I hope you know that.

When it comes to Indiana athletics, the primary reason for the website, what is there to be thankful for?  Well, let’s start at the top…..

Indiana Football:  Tom Allen just reeled in one of the best recruiting classes Indiana University has ever seen.  He signed three of the top five recruits in the state of Indiana, and is still in the hunt for David Bell, the dynamic wide receiver from Warren Central.  After back-to-back years of missing a bowl game and finishing 5-7, most of the momentum that Kevin Wilson had built seemed lost. But Allen has remained steadfast in his belief and his approach to what he is building.  The last two years have been very frustrating, I’ll be the first to admit that I have been very critical at times of the Indiana Football team. Some points I’ve made have been right, some have been wrong. But, let’s be thankful for a coach that is really bringing in some serious talent, and much like Archie Miller -- Allen is recruiting the state right now.  We can all be happy about that, but at the end of the day, results come from the field. August can’t come soon enough.

Indiana Basketball: Archie Miller has the Hoosiers at 10-2 right now with four Quad 1 wins.  That is huge! If you ask any fan before the season, if they would accept those results, 100% say YES!  There is no doubt about it. The injury bug has certainly been a talking point for this team, a lot of guys have been banged up and missed some games.  We learned today that Rob Phinisee will miss the final non-conference game against Jacksonville this Saturday according to Archie Miller. Speaking of Archie Miller, that man is doing exactly what he said he would do, recruit the state of Indiana.  After landing Romeo Langford, Damezi Anderson, and Rob Phinisee, Miller has repeated that success with signing Armaan Franklin and Trayce Jackson-Davis for the 2019 class. Indiana is still in the hunt for Trendon Watford, Keion Brooks amongst others.  The future looks bright for the Hoosiers. So I ask of you just this one thing, can we please just enjoy this basketball team? Let’s just enjoy the process of young men growing on and off the floor, all while wearing Indiana across their chests. That should make you happy enough!  There will be ups and downs, but no matter the record, no matter where their final game is played this season, they will always be Hoosiers. Let’s give them the support they need and deserve.

Indiana Women’s Basketball:  Teri Moren has the women’s team rolling after winning the NIT title last year, sending off program greats, Tyra Buss and Amanda Cahill.  This team started the season without missing a beat. The Lady Hoosiers started the season off 10-0 before losing to Grambling. Nonetheless, this team has been rolling and is off to a hot start.  Teri moren is also bringing in some good young talent from the state of Indiana. She has really made her mark on this program, and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for this year and beyond.  If you haven’t, get out and support the Lady Hoosiers. They deserve it just as much, and it is uber cheap to get a ticket.

Men’s Soccer:  The boys finished the year again with a loss in the College Cup, the final four of soccer.  What a season it was. An unblemished conference record, one of the best defenses college soccer has ever seen.  Todd Yeagley has certainly got this program humming, despite the disappointment, hopefully the Quest for NINE comes full circle next season.

Volleyball:  Coach Aird has really turned some momentum in this program.  Aird is a fun dude, he works hard, and is a joy to cheer for.  Oh, and he signed one of the best volleyball players in the country.  Evan Fitzner’s sister, Emily, is set to be a Hoosier next year, a HUGE get for Aird and crew.  I really look forward to see where this program is heading. New facilities, a new coach, things looking bright in the volleyball world at IU.

24 sports 1 team is the motto, although I didn’t cover them all here, this is what it’s like to be a Hoosier.  A lot of good things going on in Bloomington. Let’s be proud of that!

One last note, long time IU beat writer Terry Hutchens, passed away today.  Hutch was involved in a three car crash a few days ago and was listed in critical condition.  Hutch was a staple in the IU community. I did some work with Hutch over at BtownBanners when I first got into this crazy world of sports journalism and online communities.  Hutch was nothing but the best. He extended help to everyone that asked. Maybe we should all pay it forward these holidays, and everyday. For Hutch. Please keep his wife and two sons in your thoughts and prayers.  Godspeed my friend.

Happy Holidays Hoosiers, thank you for your support.