Ben Malcomson:  My Take on the Projected 2019 Recruits that (I think) commit to Indiana

July 1st, 2018

For die-hard Hoosier basketball fans, the season never stops. Recruiting is a year-round topic of discussion. As the July evaluation period ramps up, I take a stab at who I feel makes the decision to commit to the Hoosiers and a brief description as to why I think that will be the outcome.  I am sharing this in the order of strength of likelihood of the recruit’s lean.

Trayce Jackson-Davis.png

Trayce Jackson-Davis

5* Center/6'8"/210 lbs/Greenwood, IN (Center Grove)

My Reasoning:  I do not think it is necessary to delve into the statistics on Jackson-Davis.  The only thing I question is his registered height at 6'8".  The kid seems to be pushing 6'9" to 6'10".  Unless you have been living under a rock for quite some time, you would know he is priority #1 in shaping this 2019 class into an upper-tier talent-rich well-oiled machine.  Is that too many hyphens?  Oh well. My point is this kid has been on my radar for quite some time.  You do not need to go too far to watch some video on him or read about him on various allied media outlets to know he is the real deal.  This class needs it's rock.  He is that rock. Jackson-Davis will make his official visit at Hoosier Hysteria.  He has been on campus now many a times, but this one will be quite different.  With a newly renovated locker room projected to be completed by then plus add in the fact he will be the face of this event from a recruiting standpoint when he spent last year with Romeo Langford taking up most of the spotlight.  That is not a knock on Langford, Davis, or Indiana fans.  This kid is just that good that he deserves the opportunity to walk out there as a high school senior-to-be and be greeted by thousands of cheering Hoosier fans at a higher pitch this time.  I can hear it already.. "TJD!!! TJD!!!  TJD!!!  He will love it.  He will not choose elsewhere.  Do not get me wrong, he could.  But, why pass this up?!  He is also my early pick as next year's Indiana Mr. Basketball.  Just wanted to slip that in there real quick.

Keion Brooks Jr.png

Keion Brooks

5* Small Forward/6'8"/185 lbs/Fort Wayne, IN (North Side)

My Reasoning:  I am expecting some (if not many) Hoosier fans to disagree with me on this one.  Why?  A kid that goes by the name of Trendon Watford.  That is correct, Trendon is Christian Watford's little brother.  Newsflash.  He is not so little anymore.  Still a kid, but a kid that looks like a grown-ass man.  However, I feel Brooks pulls the trigger before Watford does.  In turn, this pushes Watford to make a decision to play elsewhere.  Maybe Memphis?  Maybe Alabama?  Maybe it is possible that he holds out to take Romeo's scholarship when he goes pro after this season, but highly unlikely,  Again, this is just MY take.  I feel like Trendon Watford's heart is in Indiana.  Not to pressure him, but if he feels that B-town is where he truly belongs, he better decide sooner rather than later.

Keion Brooks, to me, is the better fit.  Factoring in where I stand with a strength of a commit with Trayce Jackson-Davis, it just works.  These two love playing together.  They have shown what they are capable of being on the floor together. On the same team.  At the same time.  Which is a dominant duo.  Brooks will also make his official visit at Hoosier Hysteria.  Post Hysteria, I sense a dual picture of them standing in front of old Indiana center court logo in their future uniforms.  Their Twitter accounts reading something along the lines of "War Ready"..."Cream and Crimson Bash Brothers".  Believe it.

DJ Carton.png

DJ Carton

5* Point Guard/6'2"/195 lbs/Bettendorf, IA (Bettendorf)

My Reasoning:  DJ Carton is coming off recent official visits to both Michigan and Indiana.  The Hoosiers received the latter half of the two visits which happened to be the weekend end of it.  Hey, that works!  A weekend in Bloomington?  Cannot beat that!  I do not know of any details on what the visit consisted of, how it went for him, and where he stands.  I only have his Twitter activity to go on (Psst....It looked promising).  DJ fits Archie's system. This kid has the determination, drive, attitude, and skill set to succeed with this program.  After giving it some thought, he will choose Indiana. Why?  Because he looks the part.  He fits the part.  He is a vital part of this recruiting class.  The photo edit that I made sums it up.

dj carton edit 2.0.png

 Closing Thoughts

I did it!  I made my 3 open scholarship predictions!  Trayce Jackson-Davis, Keion Brooks, and DJ Carton.  Three 5-star rated recruits that will join forces to show Hoosier fans and the rest of the country that Archie Miller and the staff's ability to recruit is not just a one-year wonder.  In-state and out-of-state.  It is here to last.  Get used to it.