This will be short, sweet, and to the point. Also, it is in no way a jab at any of the other sports teams of Indiana University, but I am so ready for some Hoosier basketball. And although the few tidbits we received about the “secret scrimmage” weren’t much, they were something. In fact, after a long summer spent following recruiting, learning as much about the incoming group as I could, and scouring the message boards and Twitter for any update on the returning players, it was enough. And in two short days we will get our first look at the 2018-2019 Indiana squad. And although it’s an exhibition game against the University of Southern Indiana, it will be one step closer to the official start of the season and just what this fan, and I’m certain a lot of others, need.

So many questions arise over the course of an offseason. Some are answered right away, while some are answered over the span of the entire season. Can the freshman catch on quick and gel with the upperclassmen, or will it take some time? What will be this teams identity? Will the increase in athleticism on the roster allow them to defend at a high level? Will they have enough consistent shooters to help open up the driving lanes? Will they be able to rebound on both ends of the floor? Will De’Ron Davis be at 100% at some point and be able to contribute? Will Devonte Green be able to play within himself and run this team? These and so many more are the things that Hoosier fans have been asking themselves and awaiting the answers for. Well, it won’t be long now and we will start to learn those answers.

The 2018 portion of the schedule is a nice mix of a couple of easily winnable games based just on talent alone. A few tough tests against some quality opponents at home, on the road, and at neutral sites, along with some December Big10 games. And of course the matchup on the road at Camron Indoor Stadium with Duke. At the very least, after all of that we should be tested and ready for the 2019 portion of the Big10 season. Seriously, we should know a ton about this team early on in the season facing a schedule like we have. And no, not all of our questions will be answered by then, and some new ones may have come up, but that’s part of a being a fan of a team with a 2nd year coach and seven new faces on the roster.

Even though I think this team has a lot of potential…March Madness potential…I’m doing my damndest to keep my expectations in check. But I gave up a long time ago trying to keep my excitement in check because there is no controlling that. I’ve been an IU fan for a long, long time, and although I’m excited prior to every year, Archie Miller alone has me believing that my excitement will continue to grow year after year just like it used to to when “The General” was roaming the sidelines of Assembly Hall. The future is bright. Really, REALLY bright, and the next step into that future is Thursday night, and I can’t wait. Hoosier fans, brace yourself, it’s time for some basketball…FINALLY!